Technical advising

Waste Connects realizes projects to enhance the collective welfare by recovering secondary raw materials from industrial waste such as ashes deriving from combustion processes or sludge coming from wastewater treatment plants. Going into details, for example Waste Connect promotes the spreading of innovative technologies to recover phosphorus.

Moreover, Waste Connect wants to contribute to reduce CO2 emissions by means of Waste-to- Energy plants, for example promoting the use of biogas as a fuel and to produce electric and thermal energy.

Waste Connect makes use of the latest technology and the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of renewable energies. We advise our customers in the development of projects for the implementation of hydrogen based infrastructures and fuel cell technology, which comply with the most ambitious goals of the European Commission: sustainability, energy security and competitiveness.

Waste Connect promotes the adoption of the concept of integrated pollution control for production facilities, offering for example the adoption of mobile treatment plants directly on site.

Summing up, we would assist you:

  • with the construction of a new plant or the updating of an existing plant with the aim to recover material or energy
  • with the construction of a new biogas plant or the updating of an existing biogas plant
  • with the realization of projects that integrate fuel cell – hydrogen based technology for energetic infrastructures and e-mobility
  • by choosing temporary mobile treatment plants in order to treat the waste on site

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